About Us


The mission of the Mid-Ohio chapter of HDI is to bring together individuals in the customer service and support industry and provide them with the opportunity to enhance the stature of services they provide their customers, their employees and their organizations.

This mission is accomplished through regular meetings and an on-line presence where the membership has access to speakers discussing industry trends, best practices, the latest tools in technology, and personal and professional development. In addition, the members are provided an environment where they can draw on the experiences and expertise of other members when dealing with their issues, concerns and needs.

Who are the attendees?

Some of us have internal customers (employees), while others have a mix of internal and external customers. We remain focused on the tradition of supporting Information Technology for our user communities.

For some, we work to achieve corporate goals, for others we work to achieve local government or higher education goals. Underlying our support of I.T., achieving organizational goals is the fundamental reason that our Help Desks exist. We must be able to serve our customer base in efficient and meaningful ways.


A UBM Tech company, HDI is the professional association and certification body for the technical service and support industry. Facilitating collaboration and networking, HDI hosts acclaimed conferences and events, produces renowned publications and research, and certifies and trains thousands of professionals each year. HDI also connects solution providers with practitioners through industry partnerships and marketing services.

Guided by an international panel of industry experts and practitioners, HDI serves a community of more than 120,000 technical service and support professionals and is the premier resource for best practices and emerging trends.

Headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO, HDI offers training in multiple languages and countries. For more information, visit www.ThinkHDI.com or call +1 719.268.0174