Chapter Sponsorship

Sponsoring the Mid-Ohio Chapter of HDI (MOHDI) can be done in 3 ways.

Become an Annual Sponsor

Our regular meetings are a gathering of technical support professionals from some of Central Ohio’s best companies.  An annual sponsorship is your way to interact with our membership, on a professional level, during these meetings.  Sponsorship allows you to choose a regular meeting, present information about your company, and provide additional information to interested parties following the meetings speaker.  Meeting availability for sponsors is first come first served.  Annual Sponsors will have their logo displayed on the MOHDI website for one year from the time of sponsorship.

Become a Special Event Sponsor

The MOHDI board schedules special events annually for its members.  These events can be formal or casual and provide an additional opportunity to interact with our members and their guests.  These events include: Annual Awards Ceremony, Social Events, Special Guest Speakers, etc.

Become our Website Sponsor

One lucky vendor will have the opportunity to exclusively sponsor the MOHDI website for a year.  This sponsor will have their logo prominently displayed on our website above all other sponsors.


So How do I become a Sponsor?

For more information and to register to become a sponsor, please contact the MOHDI VP of Programs.